Lance the Liar


Personally, I think the guy is a huge phony. I once worked on an interview for ESPN with some of his former friends and teammates, and it became quite obvious that Armstrong was a cheat. His “liquid gold,” as he referred to it, may have been at least partially responsible for his testicular cancer that struck an otherwise healthy individual at such a young age. The cancer then became a key ingredient in the facade he developed, portraying himself as a hero. The Livestrong foundation does more for Lance’s public image, making him out to be some sort of charitable and virtuous man. Livestrong does little to support actual cancer research, in case anyone was wondering. And what about his teammates who tested positive and still lost to Lance? A clean man beat those on dope? He’ll have his supporters, sure. But if I won anything (let alone the Tour de France) fair and square, I’d fight till the death to keep my name in the record books. Lance isn’t stupid, though. He would rather be stripped of his titles and hang on to the lingering possibility that he may have been honest, than continue in a battle where he could be proven the liar I believe he is. Click here for my article on Lance for

1 thought on “Lance the Liar

  1. stromatoliteful

    Very short and to the point, I’ve read his book and I’ve probably learnt alot more from what you have written here. Thanks Ben


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