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Where To Party With The Stars

Check out my top picks of where to party with the stars…

Where To Party With The Stars

Top New Year’s Eve Parties

If this whole Myan Calendar end of the world thing blows over as expected later this week, there will be lots of New Year’s Eve party plans in the works. Check out the best 2012-2013 New Year’s Eve parties.

New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve

Top Airport Bars

Tis the season to travel! As the holidays are fast approaching and everyone gets their travel plans in check, I’ve compiled a list of the top bars at my home airport, Bradley International. Check it out.

Get Your Hookah On!

My picks for Top Places to Hookah

Originating in India and Persia, hookah is an instrument used for smoking flavored tobacco. It is also known as a water pipe, as the smoke passes through water before being inhaled. Although most popular around its native regions in locations like the Middle East, hookah is catching on all around the world… My picks for Top Places to Hookah